About Spike

About Spike

Spike makes high-performance energy drinks and supplements for the high-altitude Colorado active lifestyle – and delivers that experience to consumers worldwide.

Spike founder and CEO Tim Patterson has been formulating high-performance sports nutrition for over 25 years. He's developed numerous designer supplements for elite-level athletes and helped many actors successfully prepare for physically demanding movie roles. There are two things in common among all the formulas — they have to work and taste great.

I love the challenge of using natural ingredients to do what seems like the impossible. And the finished product has to taste as great as the formula works. There's no acceptable excuse for not nailing both goals. said Tim Patterson

Spike is based in Colorado, where our staff is just as passionate about our products as Tim. We're a tribe of hardcore energy fans. So light us up on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter, and let us know you're part of the Spike gang.

Spike formulas deliver delicious high-performance energy. Nothing else compares to the experience. The proof is in the drinking.